Imagine a Customized Video to Market your Business with a Celebrity?


Clive De Sousa - Glory Cycles, Greenville, SC

We never thought we could have such a well-known celebrity pitch our business at this price point. We were able to create an incredible buzz for in our local area. 

Having a famous celebrity presenting real customer reviews of our store creates a buzz and has been great for our foot traffic. This service is unlike anything I've ever seen and couldn't recommend it enough.

Richard Kiibler - 305 Design center, Miami Beach, FL

These videos have given us the boost we needed to stand out from the clutter on social media.  We always struggled to justify the investment in marketing and this has been so effective that it is the best monthly investment we ever made. It has brought us credibility we otherwise had no chance of getting.

Rick Irrgang - Pro Bowl Plumbing, Coral Springs, FL

We craft a Beautiful Video of Your Business that we advertise on Facebook and Google.

Megabiz Brand Ambassador and Former Supermodel


As an international supermodel, Susan has graced the covers of Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Self, Bazaar and many more! Her face represented such powerhouses as Gucci, Revlon, Maybelline, and L’Oreal. Currently, Susan is a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator and counselor. Her expertise as a supermodel and therapist merged into one passion: To raise your inner peace and beauty! Susan is committed to helping our clients have the best possible video creatives and advertising services.

What Customers Say about Megabiz

Rick Irrgang - Owner
Pro Bowl Plumbing, Coral Springs, Florida

Richard Kiibler - Owner
305 Design Center, Miami Beach, Florida

Make Your Business Stand Out with a Custom Video using a Famous Celebrity

Our agency creates incredible videos customized to your business that truly stand out in social media ads. It tells your company's story as only you can with your images, a spokesperson and a famous celebrity from our roster presenting you and your best customer reviews.

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